Roe Park Golf Course

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Guide to Roe Park Golf Course

Roe Valley is nestled amongst the stunningly beautiful backdrop of The Roe Valley Country Park, near Limavady in Northern Ireland, this highly memorable golf course will have both amateur and veteran players revisiting time and time. A sublime 18-hole parkland course rests alongside the luxurious four-star Roe Park Resort to provide a heavenly scene far superior to any typical golfing session.

The notable quality of the course and stay combine to make Roe Valley Golf Club one of the foremost golfing destinations in Northern Ireland. An unforgettable experience awaits as you enter the long and winding driveway to the resort with its selection of bars, restaurants and Spa. Relax in one of over 100 en suite rooms as you over-look the greens of the course.

Improve your game by taking advantage of some beautiful facilities at the club, which includes practice holes, a driving range, putting green and a video coaching system. You’ll be fully prepared to go out and take on the fairways and greens of this testing but pleasurable 18-hole course.

Top Help From a Seasoned Pro

Not only do these fabulous services give you generous opportunity to raise your golfing skill; Roe Valley Golf Club also posses an in-house PGA professional golfer in the form of Michael McCrudden. His undeniable coaching talent can be utilized by both club members and visitors. Michael knows the ins and outs of the game and could provide answers to your persistent golfing snags.

The PGA resident has vast experience and benefits from studying, as well as playing with top pros up close and personal. His enormous versatility allows him to train players who are already highly skilled successfully; but also new hopefuls only beginning their journey into the sport.

The Ideal Site for Golf Fans

Roe Valley golf club is idyllically situated for those seeking the ultimate golfing adventure in Ireland. Located on the periphery of Limavady, the course is less than a 30-minute drive from Portrush and provides a convenient base to access to some of the best links courses in the world; including Royal Portrush, Castlerock Golf Club, Ballyliffin Golf Club and Portstewart Golf Course. These links courses offer a unique playing experience and are important in Northern Ireland’s world-renowned reputation for immaculate playing conditions.


When time away from the fairways and greens is needed, engage your mind and body with a diversity of pass times and leisurely activities which this beautiful area has to offer. If action is what you’re craving, try your hand at rock climbing or canoeing. Perhaps a restful retreat is the order of your day; why not enjoy the outstanding riverside views or walk through peaceful woodlands, being at one with nature.

The Roe Valley Course

Soak in spectacular views of the rock-strewn ridges belonging to Binevenagh Mountain. Elder trees and ponds add to the Lough Foyle landscape as you tee-off, drive and putt your way around this stimulating parkland course. By advancing deeper into your round, it’ll be clear that this is no ordinary scene for a game of golf; the ever-pristine conditions and challenging holes will drive you on.

The holes are a good mixture; a cocktail of challenges for young and old, new or experienced. Roe Valley Golf Club has something for everyone.


The Course


Hole 1: Ritters, Yardage: 373, Par: 4, Difficulty Level: 6

Hole 2: Dogleap, Yardage: 472, Par: 5, Difficulty Level: 12

Hole 3: Betty Annes, Yardage: 186, Par: 3, Difficulty Level: 4

Hole 4: Roe Mill, Yardage: 446, Par: 5, Difficulty Level: 14

Hole 5: Mckeevers, Yardage: 343, Par: 4, Difficulty Level: 2

Hole 6: Drumceatt, Yardage:112 , Par: 3, Difficulty Level: 18

Hole 7: Slate Row, Yardage: 354, Par: 4, Difficulty Level: 8

Hole 8: O’Cahans, Yardage: 352, Par: 4, Difficulty Level: 10

Hole 9: Wiltons, Yardage: 138, Par: 3, Difficulty Level: 16

Hole 10: Daisyhill, Yardage: 360, Par: 4, Difficulty Level: 5

Hole 11: Mullagh, Yardage: 317, Par: 4, Difficulty Level: 9

Hole 12: Columbas, Yardage: 143, Par: 3, Difficulty Level: 15

Hole 13: Conns, Yardage: 372, Par: 4, Difficulty Level: 1

Hole 14: Drumrane, Yardage: 302, Par: 4, Difficulty Level: 11

Hole 15: Coolessan, Yardage: 243, Par: 4, Difficulty Level: 17

Hole 16: Deer Park, Yardage: 465, Par: 5, Difficulty Level: 13

Hole 17: Binevenagh, Yardage: 175, Par: 3, Difficulty Level: 7

Hole 18: Roe Park, Yardage: 403, Par: 4, Difficulty Level: 3

Pricing and Enquiries

Roe Valley Golf Club offers a selection of prices which vary depending on the number of holes played and the time of the week. There are also special rates if you’re also a guest at the hotel. Here’s the price breakdown for a round of golf.


9-Holes on a Weekday – £20

9-Holes on a Weekend – £25

18-Holes on a Weekday – £35

18-Holes on a Weekend – £40

Hotel Guests:

9-Holes on any day – £15

18-holes on any day – £20

There are also special rates for larger groups if you ask the club directly. They’re easily contactable and ever-ready to help. Details are below:

Phone: +44 (0) 28 777 60105


Whether you’re a serious golfer looking for a new setting to test your skills, or just a casual player who loves to travel and see unique locations while hitting a ball; Roe Valley Golf Club provides an incredibly scenic alternative and shows off the undoubted beauty of Northern Ireland. Be sure to pack well, you may be staying a while.